Monday, March 11, 2013

Be Cruelty-Free Week

As you flip through a magazine all the advertisements for makeup and hair products lure you in, you want to buy them. Even after years of being a vegan I sometimes am tempted to buy Maybelline lip gloss or Herbal Essence shampoo. But as nice as these products look, what goes on to produce them is not something any animal lover should be okay with. The Humane Societyof the United States claims that thousands of mice, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits suffer and die each year in the U.S. as a result of animal testing. These animals are exposed to chemicals, and forced to either eat of have the chemicals rubbed on their skin.

Animal testing is not required by the FDA, and there are many other modern, and humane, ways to test chemicals for products. Many companies already have stopped testing on animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has an online cruelty-free guide where you can search for products and companies that have pledged never to test on animals. PETA also has a list of companies that DO test on animals, so you can know which ones to specifically stay away from. 

Animals tested for cosmetic products are kept in laboratories, and feel a great deal of stress and anxiety. Remember, when an animal is not in his or her natural habitat, they will not be very happy. Laboratory workers do not look at the animals as individual creatures with feelings, resulting in neglect. During and after experiments it is rare for pain relief to be administered to the animals, resulting in hours of suffering and pain.
Other countries have recognized animal testing as inhumane. Recently, the European Union banned cosmetics with animal-tested ingredients. This is a huge victory for animals because it sets an example for the United States. Now all across Europe all cosmetics sold will be cruelty-free, which will save thousands of animals each year. The European Union is comprised of 27 countries, making it the largest cruelty-free market in the world.

I struggled at first to find products that were cruelty-free, and found myself grabbing everything I used to buy and frowning when I could not find something on the bottle stating it is not tested on animals. So for those looking for some ideas, here are some of my favorite cosmetic products, which are cruelty-free, affordable and can be found at most stores that sell cosmetics.

Origins Checks and Balance face wash changed my life. I had acne from middle school until I found this product two years ago.

Kiss My Face Big Body Conditioner is one of my favorite conditioners of all times. It is affordable, found in most grocery stores, and smells incredible.

Stilla's Major Major Mascara is one of the best on the market. It gives you movie star lashes, and never clumps. Urban Decay is another brand I would recommend for mascara as well as excellent eye liner

Today marks the first day of The HSUS “Be Cruelty-Free Week.” Join The HSUS in pledging to support the end of animal testing.

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