Monday, March 11, 2013

Save the Seals!

The Humane Society of the United States reports the Canadian Commercial seal hunt is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of harp baby seals each year. When you look at a picture of a baby seal, it is hard to imagined how any human being could beat him or her to death with a club. Unfortunately, because of the high price of their fur, Canadian fisherman hunt baby seals during their off-season. As a result of the seal fur trade, one million baby seals have died in the last five years. Besides not purchasing coats made from baby seal fur, there are many ways you can be active and become a voice for the seals.

The HSUS states by boycotting Canadian seafood, you can make a statement to the Canadian government that it is unacceptable for them to allow fisherman to hunt baby seals. The hunting of the seals is subsidized by the Canadian government, and by avoiding purchasing seafood from the fishing industry you are sending a message that you will not support an industry that hunts innocent baby seals. Sign The HSUS petition and pledge to boycott Canadian seafood.  

 In addition to not purchasing the Canadian seafood, urge businesses in your area to never buy or sell Canadian seafood. The HSUS has a petition to help you get started. So far 5,500 grocery chains and restaurants have already agreed to shift some or all of their seafood purchasing away from Canada until the commercial seal hunt is ended for good. Download the free Protect Seals App to find businesses near you that have boycotted Canadian seafood. By supporting businesses that boycott the Canadian fishing industry, you are saving seals.

Many seals are killed when they are just two months old, and have never even got to experience a life on Earth. As fisherman club the harp baby seals, mothers must watch an agony, unable to protect their children. According to HarpSeals.Org, 40% of the baby seals are skinned alive. The method used to hunt the baby seals, which is mostly clubbing, often leaves the seals unconscious, rather than dead. Thousands of baby seals die a slow, and painful death as a result of the seal hunt.

                       Warning Video Contains Extremely Graphic Footage

Dozens of celebrities and famous chiefs have taken a stand to save the seals. Chef for Seals has thousands of chefs have told the Canadian government they will not purchase seafood from the country until the seal hunt ends. Famous photographer Nigel Barker has taken dozens of photos of seals to raise awareness of the campaign. Will you join the thousands of celebrities, chefs and activists by joining the Protect the Sealscampaign

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